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2 min readNov 20, 2021


Well Allene, you’ve got me. I’m an old white man who doesn’t care about justice. Except for the fact I’m a young brown Canadian who cares very much about Justice and whose parents came from East Africa. Why my race matters though, I’m not sure.

Although Allene, your response is rather illuminating. You asked for my credentials on American History? I concede I cannot give any. I’m an electrical engineering student going into medicine to become a surgeon - we don’t have many American history classes.

Again, why my credentials matter, I’m not sure.

This trial was televised with all the evidence on display for the world to see. Anyone, anywhere could view the trial and determine for themselves if this young man was guilty.

However, you didn’t bring up any facts about the trial or the evidence provided. Not a single one.

Now, the reason your response is illuminating is that it highlights the cognitive dissonance expressed through your visceral response. You brought up American history and Kangaroo courts - you don’t want to judge Kyle on the evidence or testimony provided, you want to condemn him by extrapolating the sins of all white persons (past, present, and future) onto him. You want to disregard the evidence and have him be declared guilty. This is, as I’m sure you’re aware, the definition of a kangaroo court.

As for my family members being killed, I’m sure I would be very angry. Except, none of my family members would be asinine enough to chase down someone with a rifle. Kyle ran away, the attackers pursued him. Also, and thank the lord for this, none of my family members are convicted pedophiles (which the first attacker Kyle faced was).

Kyle is not a white supremacist or any kind of racist. He’s a kid who wanted to do some good and defend his community from those attacking it.

Thankfully, the jury agreed with me.

Sincerely, “An acolyte for the darkness"



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