This article is puzzling; black rappers walk around with guns, drugs, and now whatever it is that Lil Nas X is doing. They all sign multi-million dollar deals. No one made them sign those deals. Many of these black rappers are also signed to black labels. Consider for a second it’s not the “White man’s” fault and encourage some responsibility. These rappers from Tupac to Cardi B become role models for black children as they see the money that can be made through such vulgarity. The black community supports these rappers more than I’ve ever seen the white community do.

Also, your connection to Jews in concentration camps is absurd. Jews were forcibly removed because of their religion. No one forced black citizens to commit crimes and land themselves in prison. They’re also not the only group in there. No Jew would make a video dancing on the devil either.

Agree that the black family should be protected. That’s a great message, but blaming the “White man” or anybody for that reason is shooting oneself in the foot. Take responsibility and we can move forward.

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