There is no systemic racism in policing.

There were 370 people who were white shot and killed by police in 2019 with 235 black people being shot and killed in the same period. While it is true that black people consist of 14% of the population, but it is also true they account for 50% of murders and 60% armed robberies.

The evidence continues as unarmed victims are examined. 14 unarmed black civilians were killed compared to 25 unarmed white victims.

By contrast, 106 cops were killed in 2018 - 55 of them feloniously so. Additionally, there is an average of 27 deadly-weapon attacks on officers per day - the use of force is far lower than could be considering those numbers.

Police officers risk their lives to serve and protect even while "activists" fight for them to be attacked (even do some of the attacking themselves). Wearing a badge does not make you racist.

Police need reform, but not racial reform.



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Adam Gulamhusein

TEDx Speaker | HYRS Alum (Neurosurgical RA) | TKS Student | SHAD Alum | 2021 Calgary Brain Bee Winner