The irony in this piece is staggering.

You claim to be attacked as a person of color, and respond in a way that is the same as you were attacked - without expecting the same response.

Those individuals that you respond to in this manner will continue to defend their “whiteness” for as long as you attack it (as they should).

Additionally, this piece is more ironic in the claim that one of the most derogatory pejoratives that can be leveled, can only be attributed to those who are white. You are claiming this level of immorality could not pertain to people of color - not on the basis of individual morality, but on the basis of a perceived collective power. You disregard the individuals that make up both demographics and their own virtues and vices through such fallacies.

The very definition of racism that you offer is - in itself - fallacious. Discrimination around prejudice of an individual formed because of their skin color is the actual definition of “racism.” If a black man fired a white one for their skin color, that would be undisputedly racist. They have “institutional power,” but more importantly, discriminate based on another individual’s skin color. Many Asian Americans also have incredible amounts of domestic and foreign “institutional power,” does that mean they can also be racist?

Further, you claim to be a defender of minorities, but dismiss that the ultimate minority is the individual. It is the morality of the individual that should be addressed - not based on the actions of other members of a class that they are a part of, but based on their individual actions. You treat a class as homogenous and dismiss any individuals (and their respective choices) that compose that class.

I would, in turn, point you to the works of Ayn Rand, Thomas Sowell, and Jordan Peterson in order to better understand the gravity of your claims.


TEDx Speaker | HYRS Alum (Neurosurgical RA) | TKS Student | SHAD Alum | 2021 Calgary Brain Bee Winner

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Adam Gulamhusein

Adam Gulamhusein


TEDx Speaker | HYRS Alum (Neurosurgical RA) | TKS Student | SHAD Alum | 2021 Calgary Brain Bee Winner