Laura, if you read the definition of genocide provided by the UN, you'll realize that colonization alone, does not fall under it.

I don't know where you got Hitler from. I mentioned WWI, not WWII. Hitler was a soldier in WWI, not the ruler of Germany. However, since you brought it up, the Holocaust was an example of genocide because Hitler attempted to exterminate a religion for no reason other than their being. Europeans did not care about the Indigenous race - they cared about the land they were on.

Again, I mentioned the Treaty of Versailles which was written after WWI (World War 1). This treaty led to the destruction of the German quality of life and led to WWII. However, just because Germans (specifically) suffered because of the treaty, does not mean it was a genocide.

Yes, Indigenous peoples suffered. Yes, it was Indigenous peoples specifically. Does this constitute genocide? No.

And Laura, before you go and attack America and American history, perhaps you too should be grateful. Without European colonizers, what would your life look like? Would you have the platforms you use (ex. Medium, Facebook, Twitter), the medicine you intake (ex. Advil and Tylenol), and the search engines (ex. Google)?

This is what Matt Walsh is pointing out. History can often be brutal and we should not hide it. But we should also not encourage ignorance and pretend like we have not benefitted from the corollaries of these actions.


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