Hi Stephen,

There were many objections I raised to the charter and beliefs of the DSA; the most reiterated upon is the issue of the “public good.” This is a phrase that has held a different form in every country for every government that has ever existed. However, the consistency remains that there is always a strive towards a “collective good.” This will never change and I am not advocating that this is the reason democratic socialism must be rejected.

I stress that democratic socialism must be rejected because it places the “collective good” above the individual good. This is seen in the introduction of the article where I quote the DSA’s charter. If I, as an individual, do not agree with the action of the collective, the DSA state I cannot act in accordance with this disagreement.

Public schools are the most clear example of such fallacious and harmful thinking. In a state like California, which ranks near the bottom of the country every year, this occurs for many reasons, but the most impactful of which is the lack of school choice in the state. Teacher unions fight charter schools, retain poor teachers and preach a dismal curriculum. Parents are not able to relocate their kids or have these egregious teachers removed because the government will not allow it. Parents cannot act in their rational self-interest (except to relocate). Evidently, it goes against the “public good.”

The teachers do not need to face the consequences of such poor teaching at the expense of the students.

You are correct that I state capitalism ultimately serves the collective better; it is not, however, functioning on a basis of the collective. By emphasizing the individual - their rights, ability, and productivity - the free market will produce the greatest prosperity for the collective through such emphasis.

You can never place a collective over the individual, for those who do not agree with this collective action will not have a chance to operate in a way which they view as more effective.

I will not sacrifice myself for you, and I will not ask you to sacrifice yourself for me.

Cheers, Adam



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Adam Gulamhusein

TEDx Speaker | HYRS Alum (Neurosurgical RA) | TKS Student | SHAD Alum | 2021 Calgary Brain Bee Winner