Hey AJ,

I know it’s difficult to reject the dogma you’ve spent your whole life believing, but you’ll start to realize that’s all it is. Police officers are following the same procedures for everyone they stop for suspicion of crimes. They are not treating black suspects differently than white ones. They are not using undue force because of skin colour.

If you believe otherwise, I suggest you put forth some statistical evidence. I have already explained why the metric you previously mentioned does not take into account the likelihood of the nature of an interaction and that is why such a metric exists. I am not sure whether you do not understand the statistical calculations made or do not want to understand the calculations.

A video from an officer further explains this.

Consider the statistics - do your own calculations. Do not do univariate analysis - it will lead to false conclusions.

A video from Dave Rubin and Officer Brandom Tatum.

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Adam Gulamhusein

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