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2 min readDec 29, 2020


Hey AJ,

I have discussed this issue with many black Americans; I have also read the work of Thomas Sowell - a black man that has lived through MLK, Malcolm X, the Jim Crow era and the evolution of civil rights. The man currently works at Stanford and has produced a plethora of work that disproves white privilege (not just “systemic racism” in policing).

I was on the Left for my entire life - except for recently when I realized I just believed the dogma presented by teachers, friends and media.

You should consider the fact that I may have a uniquely objective view - not obscured by emotional and anecdotal pleas - into this issue because I am not American.

The only statistical evidence you put forth is that black people are 2-3X more likely to by shot by police than white people. I have reiterated to you constantly, that the reason black Americans are disproportionately likely to be shot by police is because of the disproportionate amount of crime they commit. If you take the median - instead of the mean - you will find that any difference between policing of the average white or black man is in-existent, or, at least, negligible.

Black people are 18.5X more likely to kill a police officer than get killed by a police officer; that does not mean every black American goes around attacking police officers and it does not mean police officers go around shooting black people.

There are more unarmed white Americans shot and killed by police (14) then there are black Americans (9) in 2019. Even then, there were only a total of 25 deaths - most white, even though black Americans and their respective neighbourhoods are more heavily policed because of astronomical rates of violent crime.

If you do not want to listen to me, perhaps you’ll listen to Harvard Professor Roland G. Fryer - who is black - and who conducted a study on policing and found “no racial differences” in officer-involved shootings.

Oh AJ, your math does not even compute. Even you should realize that. A rate of 20:1 for white people equates to 100:5 which is 5X less than what you stated for black people - not 2.5X. This is junior high fractions. C’mon AJ.

I don’t believe we can continue this discussion further since you’ve fallen into the pattern of the Left and started to use your childish pejoratives; this negates your own point AJ and is counterproductive to any meaningful conversation. I have not levelled any kind of pejorative at you, but you still feel the need to do it to me.

Cheers, Adam



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