A Muslim’s view on the Travel Ban

Islamophobic? No.

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When Joe Biden was inaugurated into the Presidency on January 20th, 2021, he immediately sprung into action — in the worst possible way. A clear example is his repeal of the “Muslim Ban.” While the efficacy of the ban is undoubtedly questionable, the reasoning of the President is not; Joe Biden repealed this executive order because of its image — not because of it’s efficacy. Democrats, leftists, and so-called “progressives” immediately labeled this travel ban “racist,” “bigoted,” and “islamophobic,” on the same premise. They did so because the countries on the list of the ban are predominantly Muslim, which, in their mind, means that Trump is attacking all Muslims.

It seems to have slipped their mind that no matter any kind of legislation, you will always be able to find a disparity in outcome between some demographics. If this disparity happens to vary among a dimension of intersectionality, those on the Left will be sure to decry it with one of their standard pejoratives. (These pejoratives have now lost any kind of meaning.)

In reality, President Trump took countries labeled by the Obama administration as “countries of concern” and instituted an initial 90-day travel ban. He did not, in fact, ban all Muslims. The countries of the ban had grown to include countries like Venezuela and North Korea. The ban does not include Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or, the country with the highest number of Muslims: Indonesia.

Clearly, President Trump was not targeting Muslims; if he was, he would’ve started with Indonesia, and he would not have extended the ban to other non-Muslim countries. (Earlier this year, Trump also placed a Muslim in charge of Operation Warp Speed — hardly the mark of an “islamophobe.”)

This is irrelevant to Democrats. It is also irrelevant to leftists that any of these countries and their neighbors hold dangerous beliefs that can put Americans at risk. The Pew Research Center completed research with data from many Muslim majority countries that helped illustrate this risk. For Egyptians, Jordanians, and Palestinians: 74%, 58%, and 44% said Sharia law should apply to all citizens regardless of faith; of those individuals, 86%, 82%, and 66% supported the death penalty for leaving Islam. (Since I read the Bible, I believe this also applies to me?) Further, 29%, 15%, and 40% said suicide bombings could sometimes be justified.

Countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh followed a similar pattern.

Of course, there are misconceptions about Islam. This includes what Sharia law is, the gross mistranslation of the word “kafir” or “kafaru,” and that — under no circumstance — can someone be forcibly converted.

Additionally, Muslims of the past have invented some of the most useful technologies of today, and millions died fighting alongside the British against the Germans in WWI.

While this is all true, so are the statistics.

The situations that many innocent people go through (including many Muslims) in these countries are truly cruel. However, my sympathy does not outweigh my patriotism. I will not sacrifice American lives or troops (including legal Muslims and immigrants) for any other. Especially not because of some kind of perceived asperity.

Country must come first.

Why then, has Joe Biden scrapped this travel ban on his first day in office? Because the leftists demand he do so.

Is this surprising? Not at all.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Joe Biden has changed his opinion on every major stance he has held in his life. He has supported anti-busing legislation during the ’70s with the KKK, apologized for the ’94 crime bill (that made his career), and, during his 2020 campaign, became pro-choice. Regarding the last point, Biden supported the Hyde Amendment earlier in his career and even fought against adding exceptions for incest or rape. When asked on the campaign trail, he originally stated he supported the policy but later said he “misheard” the question.

This is clear demagoguery from a political opportunist.

This opportunism is particularly disconcerting because the demographic Biden panders to also believes in: transitioning children, decriminalizing illegal immigration (through the New Way Forward Act), and view socialism as favorable to capitalism.

This cannot continue. Leftists claim pluralism, but not when it comes to ideas, and certainly not when it comes to those individuals who do not vary along the same tracts of intersectionality that Democrats worship.

The constant aversion from any ideas that are even mildly asperous from those on the Left, has made them susceptible to the platitudes of their candidates. These regurgitated talking-points only reinforce political dogma.

This new administration will continue to pander to the Left that has shifted further away from reality and continues to obsess over intersectionality.

While the Left wants to believe these aren’t dangerous, poor, and broken countries — but that’s exactly what they are. My family is from one of those countries on this list, and it could not be more clear that Democrats do not understand the reality of these places. My family fled an area in Tanzania after it became a police state, and many of our friends fled the tyranny of Idi Amin in Uganda. In Tanzania, Guerilla groups run rampant and Albino bones are sold for profit.

These countries can have many phenomenal people and beautiful scenery, but they are far from the “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings” that leftists cannot seem to live without. They are dangerous — feelings don’t change that.

Trump moved to protect Americans. Biden moved to revoke Trump’s legislation; not because of efficacy, but because of appearance.

An administration cannot function on identity politics. Unfortunately, this is all Democrats have.

Americans need to beware the appeasement of progressives and all that it comes with moving forward for these next four years if we are ever to recover.

It is often asked how I can side with Trump supporters as someone who is brown and Muslim. The reason? Because I am willing to live and die by the Constitution and so are they.

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